Developing his very own calibers, Laurent Ferrier proves great determination in order to maintain his independence. Far removed from the frantic quest for fancy designs or originality he offers his approach regarding a return to fundamentals. Each timepiece is developed, assembled and adjusted in his own manufactural spaces in Geneva, Switzerland. Laurent Ferrier works with greatest precision and leaves no room for compromise when it comes to materials, mechanics, details and manufacturing – all to ensure that each watch embodies an artwork for his clients represented by perfectionists, passionate collectors and watch experts.


LAURENT FERRIER demands superlative standards of craftsmanship and finishing. Each stage of production is subjected to meticulous testing. In order to maintain these high standards, only a very limited umber of timepieces emerge from the workshops each year.


The GALET CLASSIC is an elegant and efficient timepiece, equipped with an exclusive in-house movement developed, assembled and adjusted in the LAURENT FERRIER workshops.

For the very first time, the tourbillon device created by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1801 is fitted with a double balance-spring. The balance-springs neutralise the lateral displacement of the balance axis, while the tourbillon compensates for the variations in rate in all vertical positions. The movement finishing and decoration are visible through the case-back. They are crafted in keeping with the highest standards of traditional Fine Watchmaking.


In this model the original GALET has become a square leaning towards a cushion shape. LAURENT FERRIER has devoted particular attention to the aesthetic harmony of the model. The difficulty of the exercise lay in preserving this aesthetic signature while gently shifting it towards new lines. This is the third in-house movement developed, assembled and adjusted in the LAURENT FERRIER workshops.


This highly technical piece conceals an ingenious complication. The mechanism conceived and developed by LAURENT FERRIER lies beneath the classic wristwatch appearance. The device pivots the dial’s two opaque crystals a full 240° similar to a fan opening to reveal a secret second hand-decorated dial.


The GALET TRAVELLER adopts all times on the planet with its dual-time display – a useful complication enabling a smooth transition across the hours of the world at a mere press. This model guarantees excellent readability thanks to its pure, pared-down design. The two push-buttons integrated into the left-hand side of the case serve to move the local time shown by the central hand either forwards or backwards. The date changes at midnight, while the 9 o’clock aperture indicates the reference time or home time in 24-hour mode. This watch houses a self-winding movement from the famous line of Micro-Rotor movements with natural escapement and a calibre designed to adapt to the dual-time adjustment mechanism.


The founder is renowned for appreciating the classic examples of fine watchmaking from the 19th century, when man and machine, rather than man, machine and computer, created these marvels of miniaturisation. He recalled his very first creation as a watchmaker: the “MONTRE ÉCOLE”. The founder’s efforts have led to the creation of a new 40mm three-piece bassiné case, its form enhanced by two satin bands, with a matte finish to contrast with the polished. The competing-yet-harmonious surfaces emphasise the curved shape and balance of the piece, assisting the eye in appreciating the subtlety of the curvatures.


Bridging the gap between traditional watchmaking and cutting edge industrial innovation displays through movements, LAURENT FERRIER stands out with a timeless aesthetic appeal and high finishing standards.

LAURENT FERRIER calibers are effective chronometry instruments with precision stemming from avant-garde technical constructions. The watchmaker enjoys giving “life” to the movement by assembling hundreds of components to create the “engine” of the watch.

Laurent Ferrier bases his work on the indispensable qualities of patience and thoroughness – he often has to adjust tiny wheels and bridges over and over again to ensure the perfect fit. The machined components are each carefully assembled and decorated by hand while ensuring that the movement runs smoothly and accurately.

LAURENT FERRIER have also developed their very own escapement mechanism. In association with the tourbillon, with a specifically adapted construction and a rigorous choice of materials and manual adjustments, the regulating organ ensures excellent rating precision.


The son and grandson of watchmakers, Laurent Ferrier, the emblematic figure of the brand that bears his name, is profoundly attached to the excellence of traditional watchmaking crafts. His lengthy experience in the fields of horological design, technical research and watch exteriors vividly demonstrate both his assiduity and his inventive nature.

Laurent Ferrier – “I nurtured a dream of making watches that represent my horological values: simplicity, precision and pure, uncluttered beauty.”